The beginning...

Ah, the birthing of my first blog. Well, let me rephrase that - the birthing of my first foodie blog. (I have another blog, a much more personal one posted else where.)

I was inspired to start a food blog after spending weeks reading through other food blogs searching for new recipes to try out. I felt it could become a useful tool to expand my knowledge and experiences in the kitchen. I feel I am a fairly decent cook, but there is still so much more I want to learn, recipes to try and techniques to perfect.

It wasn't until recently that I discovered how much I LOVE cooking! It took living somewhere were I did not have much access to the kitchen and being subdued to mediocre (at their best!) meals. I was going crazy not being able to cook! I couldn't prepare my husband and I's favorite meals, I couldn't make my sweet treats on the weekends, I couldn't even bake my Christmas cookies this year! Then it dawned on me just how much I enjoy cooking and how therapeutic it is! Besides a girl can only eat so much Shake-N-Bake pork chops, boxed mac & cheese and burnt corn (how anyone burns corn is truly beyond me!) in a week and I think I have consumed enough for a life time! ;-)

I am looking forward to becoming an active member in the foodie communities, learning new tips and tricks, trying out new amazing recipes and chatting with fellow foodies. :-)


Donna-FFW said...

Welcome Melissa.. Cant wait to see what you cook up!