Picky Eaters...every cooks worst nightmare!

Well I am finally getting back to the daily grind of things, life sure has been a bumpy ride the past couple of months. But they say whatever doesn't kill you, makes you stronger...or go completely insane. I know its one of the two! ;-)

The hubby and I have found ourselves staying with his parents until we get things situated. Which I don't mind, they are great people! I feel very fortunate to have in-laws I get along with, I know some of you are not as lucky.

There is only one obstacle I am discovering...my MIL is a VERY picky eater! Now I know where the hubbs gets it from! At times it can be a tad frustrating...MIL doesn't like peas, carrots, celery, sweet potatoes, likes cooked broccoli but not raw, likes raw cauliflower but not cooked and that is just a few items from the veggie corner of the food pyramid! What is worse is she isn't willing to try anything if it contains anything she doesn't like or is off the norm. I think that is the most frusterating part of it since it is easy to mask the taste of certain foods while you are cooking and others have a change of flavor during cooking. >.<

I am picky about certain things, but I am willing to try them. Currently I am a point in my life where I am not even sure if I really dont like certain foods anymore since it has been SO long since I had them. Yet I am still scared to make something containing those items because if I dont like it, there is a high chance no one else will either. And I HATE wasting food!

So now I have the challenge of getting creative with a slightly limited variety of foods. In a way I am looking forward to being more creative with your everyday average foods. However I can't get too creative since that runs the risk of her not trying it either. Hmmm, this is going to be interesting.

Now of course I could just continue to make the same foods, the same way and she will be completely happy but what fun is that?! There are too many flavors out there to stick to same ones all the time!

Anyone else have picky eaters in their lives?


Bob said...

Why yes. Yes I do have picky eaters in my life. My girlfriend is very picky, although she is getting better. I'm kind of picky too and one of the reasons we get along so well is we dislike a lot of the same things. Heh. Except she doesn't like cheese. Seriously. Cheese.

I've recently found that I like a lot of stuff I hated as a kid and so hadn't tried since then. It's a good time, it's really expanded my cooking horizons. When I can convince my girlfriend to try stuff...

Melissa said...

*gasp* How can you not like cheese?!?!?!?! That is one of my favorite foods. My brain can not comprehend this! LOL!

Debbie said...

My two older sons were very picky eaters when they were younger. Luckily my youngest who is only 10 will try lots of new things. My MIL was a very picky eater but a terrific person! She used to make me laugh when she'd see a dish she didn't care for. She would say whatever came to mind!